We're live!-Ni|BEACHWEAR

We’re finally live and “Be Right Back” is our blog! At Ni|BEACHWEAR, we design pieces that are infused with island life, after all, we’re based out of sunny Puerto Rico. Our styles are meant to be taken anywhere from the beach to lunch with friends, from that tropical getaway to urban weekends. We set out to design pieces that perfectly lend themselves for that weekend getaway to the beach, but also seamlessly adapt to your everyday. We want to bring a bit of that island life flair to everyday life.

 We’re big believers of supporting our local economy, so that’s why we’re manufacturing everything in Puerto Rico while ensuring an ethical manufacturing process. What has us even more exited is that we’ve partnered up with Colitas Sonrientes Inc. 501(c)(3), a public, non-profit organization dedicated to helping the island’s homeless animals. Here, at Ni|BEACHWEAR we’re beyond obsessed with animals so we’re extremely happy to be donating part of our sales to this amazing organization.

 “Be Right Back” will be our outlet for sharing with you guys what inspires our brand and what makes Ni|BEACHWEAR what it is. We’ll write about travelling abroad and inside the island, lifestyle, wellness and we’ll have guest contributors. Stay tuned for what’s to come!




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