About Us


Ni|BEACHWEAR was born out of the love of true island living. We aim to blur the lines between beach life and everyday life. We’re inspired by low-key moments by the beach, spontaneous, quick trips with friends and by the infamous sunsets of Rincón, Puerto Rico. Our designs are minimalist in nature with a luxurious, laid-back aesthetic, meant to effortlessly blend in with your life. We strive to design pieces that are versatile so you can create memories with them by taking them on vacation to that dream local or by catching up with friends for coffee. We keep prints and colors to a minimum, as to communicate the relaxing state synonymous with the beach and tropical gateways. You can find us paddling away at sunrise, or soaking up the beautiful sunsets with friends. Jumping on short flights to Vieques, or taking a vacation from island living and exploring the world.


We aim to create responsible luxury that’s attainable. We manufacture everything in Puerto Rico and use fabrics printed by local artisans. Our manufacturing is done by The Apparel Lab, an all female founded design and manufacturing center in the metro area of Puerto Rico. By doing this, we’re able to help our local economy, ensure fair working conditions and wages, and minimize our waste by producing in small batches.

We believe in giving back to the Island that saw us grow up. We’ve partnered with Colitas Sonrientes Inc. 501(c)(3), a local non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being of our island’s homeless animals. We donate 10% of profits from every sale to this amazing non-profit organization that day in and day out rescue, feed and find forever homes for Puerto Rico’s homeless animals.We're committed to being part of the movement that looks to make a positive difference in every animal’s life.

About Colitas Sonrientes, Inc. 501(c)(3)

Colitas Sonrientes, Inc. 501(c)(3) is a public non-profit charity established in February 2013 by Arleen Muñiz. They focus on helping the island's homeless cats and dogs by rescuing them from the streets, providing food and veterinary treatment, and finding foster homes until they can find permanent families. Your donations are safe and tax deductible as permitted by U.S. law and used to rehabilitate dogs and cats that have lived a life of mistreatment, neglect and abandonment. They are proactive in their efforts by educating the community about the compassionate and appropriate way of treating animals. For more information about Colitas Sonrientes, Inc. 501 (c)(3) please click here.