Behind the scenes- Photo shoot for Viva Mayagüez

Meraki Dress

A couple of weeks ago, we were part of a photo shoot for Viva Mayagüez, a local magazine here in Puerto Rico, and we're finally sharing some of the pictures! We decided on a resort vibe for the shoot, and a lush tropical garden made the perfect backdrop. We reached out to none other than our friend, and influencer, Eliza Rodriguez and her beautiful adopted pup, Ciel, for the shoot. We wanted Ciel and Cuco (our cat) to be part of  the shoot because they represent an important element of Ni|BEACHWEAR. They’re both adopted and were part of the growing population of animals in need of a home in Puerto Rico. We’re committed to making a difference, so we donate from every sale to Colitas Sonrientes Inc, but you can also donate directly to them here. Thank you to Viva Mayagüez for making it possibleKarina and her team for taking the amazing pictures,  Eliza Rodriguez for always being amazing, and Ciel and Cuco for keeping the shoot fun, and lighthearted.
Xo, Ni|BEACHWEAR team 


Credits: Model @EliRodz, Photography Karina Rivera, Viva Mayagüez


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