Go-To Decor | Papyrus Plant

One of the perks of knowing someone that has an extra nice garden, is that you can go plant picking in it. We're slightly obsessed with the Papyrus plant at Ni|BEACHWEAR, we tend to have it around the office and also use it to decorate when we go to Pop-Up events. It's really simple to make a statement arrangement using them, hence, why we love them so much. We wanted to share with you our go-to, when it comes to prepping them. We always use a clear, crystal vase and cut the Papyrus at different lengths, that way we let them completely stand out. Their stems are really long and you can choose whatever height for your arrangement, obviously, the higher, the bigger the statement. The only catch is... our cats love playing with it and sometimes it doesn't last long. 



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