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Meet Elisa Rodríguez, a.k.a @elirodz, you probably already know her from her dream worthy Instagram account. From laidback beach babe, to city dweller, Elisa takes us on every adventure around Puerto Rico and beyond! I’ve been friends with Elisa for quite some time and I’m always amazed/inspired by her independent, smart, fun, and conscious way of living life and exploring the world, thus why we LOVE to work with her! @elirodz is only a snippet of her, so read along and learn more about who @elirodz is- we’re pretty sure you’ll end up following her on Instagram

Who is @elirodz in a nutshell?Eli Rodz is me. It’s basically my name Elisa Rodríguez shortened. The handles @elisarodriguez and @elisarodz were taken so @elirodz was the next best thing. I joined Instagram looking for an application where I could edit my photos with filters, it was my personal profile inundated with albums of photos I would upload elsewhere. It wasn’t until 2015 I made it a little more curated centered around my life, style, and travels.

Your Instagram profile says “Made in NY|Seasoned in PR” what does that mean?Basically, I was born in New York. When I was 4 or 5 my parents decided to move back to Puerto Rico, which is where I was raised.

As an influencer you’ve gotten to work with different brands, what has been your favorite collaboration to date?It’s amazing to get recognition from well established and popular brands but there is something very special about working with friends - so those have been my favorite to date.

 We’ve seen you travel to many different countries, which one is your favorite? Why-When it comes to traveling, I like to go to cities where I know someone from there. This way I get to see the city from a local’s point of view which makes the experience extra special. Traveling solo has also been very rewarding. That being said, Lisbon and Istanbul might be my current favorites.

 What places are on your travel bucket list?Everywhere is on my travel bucket list but I want to explore more of Asia next.

 What is your favorite thing to do in Puerto Rico?Puerto Rico is such a magical place, the best thing to do is to go outdoors and explore.

 What’s your favorite beach?I’m a west coast girl, so the beaches on the west of Puerto Rico are home. Rincón and Isabella have my go-to favorite spots

 What are your must haves for the perfect day at the beach?A good book, my dog, or a friend are the perfect ingredients to a stellar day at the beach or anywhere really. And, don’t forget your sunblock, kids!

 What clothes are in your carry-on for a beach getaway trip?I absolutely love my Ni Beachwear dress. It’s comfortable, easy, and looks great to sport even after the beach so I’d put that in my suitcase first. I’d also take a pair of shorts, a few tops, and a wrap up sandal that can be worn to the beach and out and about as well. I would also pair my outfits with two bags: a large one to carry your beach necessities and a smaller cross-body bag for the rest of the time. Bathing suits are small enough so I always like to take a few.

 You also share with your followers your style, what would you describe your style as?My style has a lot to do with my mood but mostly I try to dress in a practical on-the-go fashion. So, nothing complicated (for the most part). I do like to mix things up by shopping in the menswear section or by adding a little edge to an otherwise delicate look or outfit.

 What’s your favorite color combination?I love wearing all black or all white. When it comes to color combinations I like to keep it simple.

 You recently adopted your dog Ciel, what would you say to someone who’s thinking of adopting a pet?It takes a lot of work and responsibility but it is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. She is the light of my days!

 What excites you about this generation?This generation, that I’m proud to be a part of, is a creative bunch that are working hard to make their dreams come true. We are a generation of entrepreneurs, creators, and doers - what’s more exciting than getting to see the product of that combination?!

 What’s next for @elirodz?Hopefully, I get to keep traveling, meeting people, exploring and sharing my experiences on my page. 

Thanks Elisa for always saying yes to being part of the Ni|BEACHWEAR family! If you want to be inspired by her positive vibes, follow @elirodz

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