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Caribbean Flair

 We recently shot what has been, to date, our favorite photoshoot. All the beautiful flowers and fruits were locally sourced. We love that we’ve been able to create our brand, not only inspired by our lives in Puerto Rico, but created by local hands as well. A fun fact about Ni|BEACHWEAR, we’re a brand founded by two women and manufactured by the Apparel Lab, a group founded and led by women. We’re so excited to share some of the photos, we hope you love them!  Xo, Ni|BEACHWEAR team

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Getting to know Influencer @elirodz

Meet Elisa Rodríguez, a.k.a @elirodz, you probably already know her from her dream worthy Instagram account. From laidback beach babe, to city dweller, Elisa takes us on every adventure around Puerto Rico and beyond! I’ve been friends with Elisa for quite some time and I’m always amazed/inspired by her independent, smart, fun, and conscious way of living life and exploring the world, thus why we LOVE to work with her! @elirodz is only a snippet of her, so read along and learn more about who @elirodz is- we’re pretty sure you’ll end up following her on Instagram!  Who is @elirodz in a nutshell? - Eli Rodz is me. It’s basically my name Elisa Rodríguez shortened. The handles @elisarodriguez and @elisarodz were...

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Getting to know the Founder of Ease to Wellness

Here, at Ni|BEACHWEAR we’re always striving to live better and healthier lives, but the truth is, staying up to date with all the information on how to achieve this isn’t easy, and can at times, be stressful! Knowing what’s new on the health scene, best gyms or yoga studios, what to eat and what not to eat, best ways to destress, period, how to live these crazy, busy and complicated lives without going crazy, takes a lot of time. So, when we learned about Ease to Wellness, we we’re hooked! We’re obsessed with their style of writing, it feels relatable, like you’re talking to your best friend, who happens to know everything relating healthy living. It takes away that stressful...

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