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Caribbean Flair

 We recently shot what has been, to date, our favorite photoshoot. All the beautiful flowers and fruits were locally sourced. We love that we’ve been able to create our brand, not only inspired by our lives in Puerto Rico, but created by local hands as well. A fun fact about Ni|BEACHWEAR, we’re a brand founded by two women and manufactured by the Apparel Lab, a group founded and led by women. We’re so excited to share some of the photos, we hope you love them!  Xo, Ni|BEACHWEAR team

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This is one of our favorite ways of wearing our top, knotting at the front. The wow factor is definitely at the front with the cascading ties, creating a contrast between the white and the blue. Just cross to the back, making sure they neatly overlap, tie at the front and voilà! For the second look you need to twist at the front and bring the ties toward the back. With this specific style, the main focus is at the back, so be extra careful when overlapping and tying.  These last two looks definitely give the top a more glamorous, polished feel. You can pair them with an amazing set of eye-catching earrings and you're ready for any dinner event...

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