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Chase The Sun: Our New Pareos

  Some of my earliest memories about pareos (or sarongs) are about my mother wearing either bright, colorful pareos or animal print ones, specifically a cheetah print one with solid black edges. I always thought that they made her look so glamorous, but with time I actually learned that this classic beach item is really versatile! I’ve worn them as tops, dresses, skirts, even used them as beach blankets, the point is I never go to the beach without one! When we started thinking about designing these pareos, we knew we wanted them to be a reflection of different beaches in Puerto Rico. We drew inspiration from the warm, lazy days at Isabela to exploring hidden beaches around the island....

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Summer Traditions

We’ve been longing for it, talking about it and it’s here, summer is officially here! We’re based out of Puerto Rico, where we have summer weather all year long, but we still get excited about it, it just feels different! There’s something that transitions from island life, to city life, to country life and it’s enjoying sunsets. It might be the mixture of hues, the winding down of the day or just the shear beauty of the event, but watching sunsets is truly magical, wherever you are. At Ni|BEACHWEAR, we were remembering beach getaways with our parents and how they would make it a point to sit down with a bottle of wine and just watch the sun set with...

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This is one of our favorite ways of wearing our top, knotting at the front. The wow factor is definitely at the front with the cascading ties, creating a contrast between the white and the blue. Just cross to the back, making sure they neatly overlap, tie at the front and voilà! For the second look you need to twist at the front and bring the ties toward the back. With this specific style, the main focus is at the back, so be extra careful when overlapping and tying.  These last two looks definitely give the top a more glamorous, polished feel. You can pair them with an amazing set of eye-catching earrings and you're ready for any dinner event...

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