Summer Traditions

We’ve been longing for it, talking about it and it’s here, summer is officially here! We’re based out of Puerto Rico, where we have summer weather all year long, but we still get excited about it, it just feels different! There’s something that transitions from island life, to city life, to country life and it’s enjoying sunsets. It might be the mixture of hues, the winding down of the day or just the shear beauty of the event, but watching sunsets is truly magical, wherever you are. At Ni|BEACHWEAR, we were remembering beach getaways with our parents and how they would make it a point to sit down with a bottle of wine and just watch the sun set with their friends. We’ve decided to embrace those memories and make it a summer tradition, getting together with friends and family and watching the sunsets. We made a list of things that’ll make the event an incredibly fun and relaxing moment, whether you’re watching it from a rooftop in the city, relaxing in the countryside, or beachfront.

1. Ni|BEACHWEAR Azure Wrap Skirt 2. Mar Y Sol Bag 3. Milk Makeup Lip+Cheek 4.Babo Botanicals 5. Mayde Beach Blanket 6. SOLEÁ chair

A breezy, effortless look is definitely a must, and our Azure skirt is versatile enough for any location. We always go for basket bags that’ll easily transition from vacation getaways, to farmers markets, just keep in mind that they’ll fit a bottle of wine or your favorite drink and other essentials. Sunscreen is always important, but even more so during summer days, Babo Botanicals is perfect for sensitive skin and they aren’t tested on animals. We’re really into this Milk Makeup multi-use lip + cheek stick, it’s perfect for a bit of color nothing too complicated! Lastly, but oh so important, a compact foldable chair that you can take anywhere and a beach blanket, to create more sitting space, or just in case it gets a bit breezy! We hope you join us in taking in the beautiful scenarios sunsets create.



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