Getting to know the Founder of Ease to Wellness

Here, at Ni|BEACHWEAR we’re always striving to live better and healthier lives, but the truth is, staying up to date with all the information on how to achieve this isn’t easy, and can at times, be stressful! Knowing what’s new on the health scene, best gyms or yoga studios, what to eat and what not to eat, best ways to destress, period, how to live these crazy, busy and complicated lives without going crazy, takes a lot of time. So, when we learned about Ease to Wellness, we we’re hooked! We’re obsessed with their style of writing, it feels relatable, like you’re talking to your best friend, who happens to know everything relating healthy living. It takes away that stressful factor of, how do I implement this to my everyday? Even if your week does get crazy, their Sunday Weekly Update keeps you up to date and if you follow them on Instagram and Facebook you can get daily inspiration, which we highly recommend! Founder of Ease to Wellness, Dr. Francesca Vazquez wrote an article for our blog (you can read here) and now we wanted to learn a little bit more about her and Ease to Wellness.

What inspired you to start Ease to Wellness?

I was inspired by community and creativity. I’ve always known I wanted to build a business that gave me creative freedom and would let me connect with others.  Ease to Wellness initially launched as a wellness event planning company and quickly evolved into an online destination for everyday women looking to feel better and live a well-designed life.  A well-designed life means a balanced life where everything you do is centered around feeling good, making your food, habits, environment, style, home, relationships, all align with that goal.  Ease to Wellness helps you achieve this by creating relatable content and events that bring this content to life!

We also cover the health & wellness scene in destinations worldwide with a special focus on Miami & Puerto Rico, giving advice on where to go, who to see, etc!. I live in Miami full-time but constantly travel to PR to see my family. The main motivation behind including Puerto Rico is the commitment I have towards my home and vision of it becoming a top wellness destination.

Our goal is to make wellness & healthy living relatable and easy, without having to compromise our career, social life, or anything in between.

What’s the most exciting part about owning a startup?

Anyone who creates something of their own, from the ground up, knows it’s fueled by passion. It’s exciting to wake up everyday and work for something that aligns so well with your values and vision for the future.  I love having the freedom to decide the direction I want to take with my business and being my own boss.

What’s the most challenging thing of owning a startup?

Probably uncertainty. Initially, you work for passion, not a biweekly paycheck. I’m a licensed health psychologist and I know it would probably be a lot easier to sign a contract and choose security… but I choose to do this instead because I know what I’m capable of creating is worth the risk.

How do you achieve life balance while having a hectic schedule?

I’m very clear about what helps me stay calm and balanced even when stressed.  I usually prioritize my mornings. I know what the powerful effect of starting a day on the right foot is. I usually try to wake up a few hours before I need to start my day. I try not to answer emails, phone calls or texts until I’ve completed my morning routine. My mornings usually include 5 – 10 minutes of meditation in bed or a short yoga or HIIT session, a healthy breakfast smoothie, and reading something inspiring. I never watch the news first thing in the morning. Creating a morning routine and choosing foods that make me feel my best is probably what helps me the most in keeping my balance. Spending time with my husband, family, and friends that lift me up is also a huge part of what helps me keep balanced and centered!   

What do you define wellness as?

To me, wellness is a state of optimum mental and physical health. But it goes beyond that. It’s the daily habits and tweaks you introduce into your life that help you feel your best and achieve a state of mind-body balance. It entails actual pro-active behaviors that target both mental and physical health. These wellness behaviors don't only include yearly check-ups with your doctor but also gaining knowledge on healthy eating, learning about mental health, exercising, introducing self-care strategies such as baths, massages, etc., using creative outlets, using natural products, and anything else that might match your interests and preferences. Everyone is different and the wellness regime/behaviors that might align with one person might not do so with another. It's all about finding what works for you.

Wellness is about putting yourself as a priority and learning you have more power over your thoughts, emotions and health than you previously thought.

What is your go to exercise routine when you know your week is going to be stressful?

If I’m anticipating a stressful week, I turn to power yoga (also known as vinyasa yoga). It combines both vigor and stillness, helping me release adrenaline through its powerful sequences while bringing me down (towards the end of class) through deep stretches and relaxation. Yoga classes are a great way to exercise both your mind and body, becoming a staple in my wellness regime and probably one of the best ways to manage stress.

What would you say your style is?

I like to mix it up, so it’s probably rooted on minimalist pieces but more eclectic than anything else. Some days I'm in a white tee with skinny jeans and others I'm in harem pants or a flowy maxi dress. I like to make it my own. I love minimalist clothing pieces with statement accessories but I also love a slip dress with nude heels or low top sneakers. It all depends on how I want to feel on that particular day. I think the clothes you wear have a direct impact on your mood and you can use them as a tool to uplift yourself and connect with how you want to feel.

What's your perfect beach getaway?

Empty beaches that are not too far away from home! They don't have to entail a week long trip. ​I love impulsive day ​trips to the beach on a weekday where you get the beach all to yourself! A good book and good company (which can sometimes include only yourself) is all I really need for a perfect beach getaway.

What’s your favorite beach destination and why?

The most recent beach destination I visited (and current favorite) is Tulum, Mexico and I can’t wait to go back! I loved the hip vibes, beautiful beach, food, boutique hotels, and shopping! While in Puerto Rico, my favorite beach destination is Caja de Muertos in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

What are your must haves for a beach getaway?

A straw oversized bag, ​face sunscreen, magazines/good book, ​and aviator sunglasses.

Bikini, maillot or both? Why?

I love both and think they’re both flattering but I always opt for a tiny bikini! Triangle bikinis are my go-to.

Thanks to Dr. Francesca Vazquez for giving us a glimpse into her life and Ease to Wellness. You can visit her site here


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